The name D’Agnese’s comes from co-owner and founder Franco Boffice’s mother’s name.  The Boffice family was  originally from Montreal, where Franco senior had opened several traditional Italian restaurants in the region.

In 1968, Franco moved to the Jersey Shore where his family opened a restaurant on the Boardwalk.  After Franco moved to Cleveland, he opened the first D’Agnese’s Restaurant in November 1989 on the corner of Broadview and Pleasant Valley.  The restaurant focused on the same traditional Italian meals he had grown up with and food he had learned to cook from his father.

       In 1996 D’Agnese’s moved to the current Seven Hills site.  Since then, Franco’s partnerships developed D’Agnese’s Bistro, Tomato Grill, and White Pond Trattoria.  More recently, he created two modern venues -D’Agnese’s Cafe/Restaurant and Cantine Bar & Grill, both in Broadview Heights. D’Agnese’s Bistro is in the location of the earlier D’Agnese’s with an updated atmosphere and a different menu. This D’Agnese’s American Bistro & Party Center offers a broad range and fresh takes on classics from both American and Italian foods.


 7649 Broadview Rd, Seven Hills, OH

 (216) 328-1740


Mon - Tues Closed

Wed 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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Sat 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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